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Trenbolone has been modified on the 19th atom and this is what makes it a non-aromatizing steroid. When compared to other testosterone based steroids, it is one of the few of its kind that has little water retention and aromatization side effects. This modification of Trenbolone has been made too to increase its ability as an androgen receptor binding agent and this means that it is more powerful than its deca-durabolin counterpart. This is the kind of steroids whose results include literally no water retention meaning that you will have a lot more quality muscles and a lot less struggle to reduce the water in the muscles. You will not experience any pain that comes with having a lot of water in the muscles and your muscles will heal faster after exercising thanks to the fact that you do not have any water in the muscles.


Trenbolone increases the levels of IGF-1 in the muscles, making it one of the most anabolic steroids we have to choose from. This means that you are better off when it comes to bulking since you will have the ability to bulk faster and you will have high quality muscles. It is great when it comes to losing fat, something that is needed by all people struggling to lose weight and gain good muscles. Athletes who want to bulk and reduce the amount of fat in their bodies will use Trenbolone due to its fat burning properties.


Nitrogen synthesis and protein synthesis are directly related and Trenbolone promotes nitrogen synthesis, which is needed for protein synthesis and hence to the building of the good muscles. Trenbolone helps in the stimulation of satellite hormones, which promote the healing of damaged muscles and tissues and is also important when reducing the activities of catabolic hormones in the body.


It has a grown back in the form of aromatization, which occurs due to the fact that it is a progestin. However, definitely the side effects of amortization can be managed well with trenbolone than with any other steroid. Some of the side effects of aromatization include the formation of male breasts, which can be very embarrassing for any male and can cause a severe blow to the self esteem. It is a favorite of many people when it comes to bulking and cutting but has to be regulated so that the side effects of aromatization are not felt when using it.