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Legal Steroids

It is simple and true, in many places around the world anabolic steroids are illegal without a prescription. It is also a simple truth that in some countries legal steroids can be purchased without a prescription simply by walking into your local RX. If you’re someone who wishes to so easily obtain legal steroids and you live in the United States, knowing they are so freely obtained in other places can make your stomach turn; after all, the United States is supposed to be “The Land of the Free.” Even so, do not let your heart be troubled; even in the United States, legal steroids can be obtained; although, one cannot deny the amounts and selection may not be what you hoped for. Even still, you’ll have in your hands legal steroidsand “legal” also means peace of mind.


When it comes to obtaining legal steroids many professional athletes understand the importance of obtaining steroids legally. In the professional arena, if you are using steroids there’s a good chance you’re breaking your particular sports rules and the last thing you need is attention drawn to yourself. With a prescription and doctor patient confidentiality laws, what you are prescribed stays with you; beating the steroid drug test your particular sport may administer on you is another story.


Something many do not realize and it’s strange being that it was not that long ago; for decades anabolic steroids were legal in the United States. As you can with cough syrup or even Tylenol, at one time you could walk right into your local drug store and walk out with a candy bar in one hand and a bottle ofDianabol in the other and not think twice about it.


What Changed the Law

Many people point to Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson and the death of NFL great Lyle Alzado as being the final two weapons the federal government needed to push forth a ban on steroids. Ben Johnson gave them a villain and Alzado gave them a victim and the rest is as they say history. Since that time the fight and desire for legal steroids has never died and it seems to be an issue that gets stronger every year. There is much debate on why obtaining legal steroids can lead to so many hurdles to jump and there are countless opinions but the truth is yes, you can still even today, even in the United States, obtain 100% pure grade legal steroids.


If you are a male of thirty years of age or older, obtaining legal steroids is as simple as going to the doctor, getting a little blood work done, leaving with a prescription and walking into CVS to pick up your 100% legal steroids. Some men who are younger than thirty can qualify if their testosterone levels are low enough however thirty years of age is the general rule. Many athletes will use anabolic steroids they obtained on the black market, discontinue use and then get their hormonal levels checked. Following a pattern of such will guarantee your testosterone levels are low enough to receive a prescription for legal steroids regardless of age however it is not advisable. Yes it will work but you are breaking the law if you choose to use this method; it is only spoken of here to make you aware of what is done, not to advise you to do it.


There are also countless pro-hormones available; pro-hormones are generally anabolic steroids with an altered chemical structure very similar to that of Class III anabolic steroids. Anyone can purchase these without a prescription. Often these drugs are pulled off the shelves as fast as they appeared but they are immediately replaced every single time.


If a prescription for legal steroids is not in your future and pro-hormones are not something you wish to try, there are many solid steroid alternatives that can produce similar results. Like pro-hormones but to a much lesser extent, sometimes these alternatives find themselves on the banned list as well but they keep coming back too.


Your best course of action for learning if steroids are right for you and which methods you should aspire to; consult with your doctor, devise a plan and stick to it. Legal steroids are out there; you can obtain them and use them on your front lawn in the light of day if you so choose but do your homework and understand what you’re getting into; after all, legal steroids, although legal are very powerful hormones.